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GovCon Coach
govCon Coach

Karla Williams

My programs are used by small businesses to win contracts using the government’s own regulations to their advantage.  

GovCon Quick Start Action Plan


Assess your current product and service offerings and uncover who needs what you offer!


Explore methods to position your company to win contract awards.

Market Analysis

Develop capture plans to support your must win targets.

What people say

I met Karla Williams through LinkedIn. Determination and hard work certainly pays off. Karla did an excellent job is determining what my needs were and focusing on those specific needs over a period of ten weeks. ... She created electronic surveys to gain insight on what we do well and not so well before charging forward with a new campaign offering services that clients may not even be interested in. In addition, she was able to assist me figuring out what my priorities were from a marketing perspective so we would know where to focus. I do plan to do business with her again.
Liz Moffitt, CMC
HR Consultant, Certified Master CoachTrainer
Just a quick note to let you know that we did win the contract. I have no doubt that the support you gave us in evaluating our submission had a lot t do with our success. Look forward to working with you again.
Dawn Taylor
Small Business Owner

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Federal Contracting Strategist, Speaker, and Success Facilitator.

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