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Hi, I'm Karla

Look. You are already successful or you wouldn’t have decided to explore getting some outside help.

As a small business you’ve won some contracts as a prime and sub, and you need to win more. But your approach is all over the place. For example, you offer more than one service. Should you sell them all or focus all your efforts on selling one service?

Or you know that many agencies buy what you sell, but you’re only one person who also has billable work to do. How do you find the best agencies to target? How do you perform capture? Write proposals?

Maybe you’ve leveraged your contacts to win the work you have. Now you must find a way to expand your reach and meet more people that you can convert to fans and ultimately to clients.

Maybe you’re running out of time because you haven’t won enough awards and your GSA schedule is in jeopardy. Or worse, you are about to age out of the 8(a) program or size out of your small business category.

I see you. And I’ve supported people just like you by partnering with them to build and execute a plan to win more contracts. One that may save you a year of wasted time and thousands of dollars.


Finding Opportunities

We’ll help you find opportunities earlier in the process so that you have the information you need to select only the best opportunities to pursue. All the information to do this is available if you know where to look for it. And what to do with the information once you find it.


Capture reveals the details, context and background information that is necessary to develop winning solutions.

It answers questions like should we prime or sub? Who is the end user? What do they really need? Who is the incumbent? Are they doing a good job?  Can we afford to do this work at the price that is likely to be competitive? How can we beat an incumbent?

We work with your team to uncover this information. And then we use what we learn to help your company choose the best opportunities to pursue.

Training & Coaching

If you have project facing staff, do they know how to hunt for new business? Deploy your most effective resource with the customers that already know, like and trust your company!

Do you have a new BD or sales team that doesn’t speak government? We can help!

What stage of GovCon development is your company

In my experience, companies go through three stages of development as the compete for government contracts: reactive, proactive, and executing.

The first stage is difficult and many give up the fight before the move to the next stage where they learn how to approach the market proactively. 

Work with me to cut your learning curve.

Let’s work together to grow your company.

Karla possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding GOVCON. I enjoyed her professional, yet warm and relatable Coaching style. I would say that she has effectively systematized the entire process of teaching GOVCON from A-Z. Her lessons are intense, but not overwhelming. If you put in the work and follow Karla’s GOVCON Academy system, you will win.
Mike Dillard
CEO iON Reliability Training & Consulting
In my thirty plus years of owning my business and pursuing government contracts for MY clients, I have never encountered anyone with the ability you have to take my raw information, interview my staff, do a little independent research on your own, and then create entire an entire strategy that presents my client's positively and meet the government's needs.
Former GovCon Client
Just a quick note to let you know that we did win the contract. I have no doubt that the leadership and support you provided our had a lot to do with our success. I look forward to work with you again.
Dawn Taylor

Current and Past Clients