You are already successful. As a small business you’ve won some contracts as a prime and sub, and you need to win more. But your approach is all over the place. For example, you offer more than one service. Should you sell them all or focus all your efforts on selling one service?

Or you know that many agencies buy what you sell, but you’re only one person who also has billable work to do. How do you find the best agencies to target?

Maybe you’ve leveraged your contacts to win the work you have now. Now you must find a way to expand your reach and meet more people that you can convert to fans and ultimately to clients.

Maybe you’re running out of time because you haven’t won enough awards and your GSA schedule is in jeopardy. Or worse, you are about to age out of the 8(a) program or size out of your small business category.

I see you. And I’ve supported people just like you by partnering with them to build and execute a plan to win more contracts. One that may save you a year of wasted time and thousands of dollars.

My name is Karla Williams. And I love the game of government contracting. Reading the regulations, digging through contract award databases, research prospects and competitors, forming partnerships between companies that endure beyond one proposal. Writing proposals, winning contracts, service our government. It’s what I do. 

And sure, I have a team that can do all this for you. But I’d rather partner with you so that together we teach you what to do and how to win – on your own. It’s my mission to free business owners from being held captive by their BD and proposal company or their BD employees. If this is a mission you can get on board with we should talk.

What do you say? 

GovCon Coach
I love developing the process to capture that opportunity using my knowledge of the process, the regulations, the rules, and the federal contracting marketplace.

Uncovering opportunities to sell products and services to the Federal government and writing winning proposals to capture that work is what I do!

Fueled by winning...

Staying in the game...

I retired from a GovCon enterprise that I built from one person to nearly 300 employees and millions of dollars in yearly revenue. After a respite in search of a calmer life, I’ve discovered that I miss the chase!

So, I’m back in the game doing what I love - teaching others how to succeed in the GovCon market.