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Capture  is based on research and analysis. Capture provides the information you need to either write a proposal based on specific needs of the target agency or to walk away and find another opportunity with a higher win probability. Capture answers these questions.

  • Is this an existing contract – and if so how will the new contract differ from the current contract?
  • What has the customer tried before?
  • What does the customer like about the incumbent — if there is one?
  • What problem is the customer solving with this contract?
  • Do you have a solution that solves this problem?
  • How does your solution eliminate problems and concerns for the customer?
  • Who are your chief competitors and what solutions do they offer?
  • How can you differentiate your company?
  • Can you back up what you say with success stories or past performance comments?
  • How can you demonstrate that you offer no or very little risk to the government?
  • Who is likely to be on the government’s evaluation team?
  • Do you need any teaming partners to augment your capabilities, or to satisfy small business goals and requirements – and if so can you put together a team that adds value to your solution?
  • Can you price your solution to win?

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