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Our Holistic Approach

Many companies who support the GovCon market focus only on one part of the process. GovCon Coaches realizes that true success in GovCon comes from having an overarching holistic process to win contracts, perform successfully, and grow your contract portfolio.

Competing in the government market is challenging. So many rules, so many agencies, so many people giving advice. We’ll help you focus on the appropriate actions for your business based on your stage of development and your goals. Some of the ways we help our clients enter the GovCon market and win follow.

  • Market analysis
    • Training on how to analyze the federal market and uncover your best prospects
    • Assistance in developing a federal marketing and sales approach
  • Capture
    • Find the best opportunities for your firm
    • Respond to RFIs and Sources Sought
    • Establish winning prime/sub teams
    • Create a winning strategy
    • Make logical bid/no-bid decisions
  • Proposal Management
    • Compliance with RFP requirements and instructions
    • Content creation to fully address evaluation factors
    • SME curation and editing
    • Color Reviews (pre-submission evaluation assessments)
  • Small Business Certifications
    • 8(a)
    • WOSB

What stage describes Your situation?

Not sure how to get started selling to the government?
Wondering if Capture can help you find more success? Want to find better opportunities and improve your chances of winning?
Anticipating a solicitation any day now and wonder if our support could improve your chances of winning?
Want to know if small business set-aside programs could benefit your company?


DOD is moving quickly to implement the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Without this certification NO BUSINESS will be able to sell to DOD beginning sometime in FY20.

As your GovCon coaching team, we are establishing partnerships with organizations who can provide this vital service for our clients.

Post Award Support

Winning the contract is exciting, but it just the beginning. To really master GovCon, you must learn to read and interpret the FAR. The FAR contains the regulations that establish what you, as the contractor, must do. Therefore it is important to establish a process to be fully compliant so you can build a successful performance history and win more contracts! Here’s how we help.

Any engagement with us begins with a thorough review of the contract(s) in question focusing on the various terms and conditions. Most often the terms and conditions that could be problematic relate to small business regulations, contract changes requiring formal modifications, small business subcontracting plans, Representations & Certifications, Organizational Conflict of Interest mitigations, contract close-outs, commercial contracts, and contractor responsibility. As your coach, we understand how important it is to your govcon business to maintain a positive performance history.  We prepare you fully for all the expectations and responsibilities associated with your contract so that your company can prosper and grow.

Some Services

  • Contractual document review.
    • We review your contracts to determine whether you are in compliance with the contract or assist with contract interpretation.
  • Create and/or review of contract and project management policies and procedures
    • Roles and responsibilities of your team and the government
    • Effective COR relationship management
  • Contract Negotiation.
    • We can assist your company with Government negotiations.
  • Generate Contractual documentation.
    • We can write CDRL reports, contract briefs,
    • We work with a team of experience lawyers to assist you with subcontracts, non-disclosure agreements, teaming agreements, and or joint venture agreements.
  • Liaise between contractor and contracting officer.
    • Upon your request we will hold any needed discussions or negotiations with the contracting officer.
  • Contract file set up and organization.
    • We can provide a file structure and advice on how to best document your contract actions to protect your reputation.
Interested in learning to interpret all the terms and conditions in your contract? Want to know what you are REALLY responsible for? Want to know what the government can and can’t do? That’s what our FARLISH program does. We teach you to convert the regulations to regular English.

Want a free assessment of how you are doing as a contractor?