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Each engagement is different and is based on what stage in the process our clients are in. Our most common services include capture, proposal management, and resolving performance issues. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped various companies in each service area.

What exactly is capture?

Capture is a process that uncovers what results the federal customer needs from a new contract. Effective capture saves a company time and money by improving the chances of being the awardee – and identifying when not bidding is a smart strategy. 


Over a period of a few months, we met with a company to determine how they could best sell their services to the government. After an initial meeting, we conducted a market analysis to uncover who was buying their services, how they were buying the services and who their main competitors were. By learning who their competitors were, we were able to leverage their strengths and highlight competitor weaknesses weakness in various locations around the US.

Based on our research we counseled them to market their services in a manageable geographic region, outside the DC metro area. Doing this allowed them to establish their company as the preferred source. Since this company had been in business for several years, we also counseled them to apply for a GSA schedule as that was how the government purchased the majority of their services in their chosen service area. 

After leveraging our advice and with our assistance, this company’s annual revenue has grown from $1M to over just over $4M in a few years.

Proposal Support

In early September we began working with a start up company to manage a proposal with a short turn around time. The agency wanted to make award by September 30 meaning our client had less than two weeks to respond to a detailed PWS. We created a compliance matrix, made assignments, held virtual meetings amongst subject matter experts on a highly technical effort to establish win themes based on their knowledge of the agency. Our proposal writers collated and edited content provided by SMEs and produced a fully compliant document.

In this instance we also were able to assist the company to develop and justify, at the eleventh hour literally, the proposed cost which was in excess of the TINA threshold. Award was made on September 30 as the agency had planned.

Proposal support services

  • Management and Coordination
  • Proposal Writers
  • Proposal Editing 
  •  Color Reviews

Post Award Advice

Winning the contract is step one. Performance in GovCon is more than delivering the product/service. Compliance is often a challenge because of all the unique GovCon rules. We coach you through this process so that you succeed and build a performance history that supports your growth plans.

Performance Issues

My client was a successful federal contractor who was no novice to GovCon. Unfortunately, they were experiencing performance problems that were not entirely their fault. The agency had requested a corrective action plan that put full responsibility for the performance problems on my client when the government was not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract. Many of the performance problems my client was being cited for were a direct result of the government’s failure to fulfill their contractual obligations to my client. We were able to develop a corrective action plan that satisfied the government and that protected my client’s past performance history through proactive documentation and coordination.