Ashburn, VA
Do you have a questionable relationship with your COR or CO? Have you had performance issues?have formal or informal changes been made to your contract? Do you understand the reporting requirements? Are your invoices being paid promptly?

Contract Management

Winning the contract is just the first step to success in GovCon. You must perform the contract while never forgetting that your future in GovCon depends exponentially on how well you perform. Past Performance scores are key to winning more contracts.

To really master GovCon, you must learn to read and interpret the FAR. The FAR contains the regulations that establish what you, as the contractor, must do. Therefore, it is important to establish a process to be fully compliant. By being compliant AND performing well you will be able to build and maintain the level of performance history necessary to win more contracts! Here’s how we help.

First we conduct a thorough review of the contract(s) in question focusing on the various terms and conditions. Most often the terms and conditions that could be problematic relate to small business regulations, contract changes requiring formal modifications, relationship management with the COR or CO, small business subcontracting plans, Representations & Certifications, Organizational Conflict of Interest mitigations, commercial contracts, and contractor responsibility. This process fully prepares you for all the expectations and responsibilities associated with your contract.

Some services we provide based on the results of this review to support your success follow.

  • Negotiation
    • New contracts
    • Changes and modifications to your contract
  • Create and/or review contract and project management policies and procedures
    • Roles and responsibilities of your team and the government
    • Effective COR relationship management
    • Documentation to support post performance evaluations
  • Generate Contractual documentation.
    • We can write contracts, CDRL reports, contract briefs,
    • We work with a team of outside GovCon lawyers to assist you with subcontracts, non-disclosure agreements, teaming agreements, and or joint venture agreements.
  • Liaison between contractor and contracting officer.
  • Creation and/or Review of contracting and project management policies and procedures.
    • Roles and Responsibilities of the government and your employees
    • Effective COR relationship management
  • Contract file set up and organization.
    • We can provide a file structure and advice on how to best document your contract actions to protect your past performance rating
  • Management of yearly past performance evaluation process and response